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"My father started our business in 1953 as a full service station. I began working here at the age of 14 and took over the business when my father retired in 1992. I’m now in my 30th year in the business. We employ three certified technicians and two service people utilizing 6 bays.

Over the years we have purchased several pieces of equipment. At McLeod’s Auto Service, we have never performed wheel alignments. In late August of this year, Ed Thomason with Snap-on Equipment sold us the new, portable John Bean Prism alignment system. As of today, we have had the alignment machine for 3 months. We have increased our revenue an average of $2,273.00 per month charging $74.95 for each alignment. I was skeptical of the return on investment but now know that I will get my full return on investment in 1 year or less. In our business the most profitable services performed are A/C repairs first and alignments second. This has been the best equipment investment I have ever made. I would strongly recommend that anyone thinking of updating their alignment equipment or making the investment for the first time as we did, call Snap-on Equipment and look at the John Bean line of alignment machines. If your shop is in Ed Thomason’s territory, even better. Ed has been calling on our business for over 20 years & can help you with any equipment investment. You do not have to spend $25,000.00 on alignment equipment!

Please feel free to call me anytime, Monday through Friday, for my opinion of John Bean alignment equipment and the support you get from Snap-on Equipment."

Tim McLeod
McLeod’s Auto Service
2905 S. Manhatten Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33629
(813) 831-5130

"My Name is Brian Nocifora, Service Manager of American Tire. We have bought the Prism Alignment Machine and have had it for two months now. Not only is the Prism easy to use, also due to the mobility of the Prism, we have been able to do alignments on vehicles that we were never able to do before and we get them done in half the time. I would personally recommend the Prism to any independent shop or dealership looking to buy a new alignment machine."

Brian Nocifora
Service Manager - American Tire Sales

"I am writing to let you know how pleased we are with the equipment we purchased from you last summer. The John Bean BFH 1000 balancers have saved us immeasurable time in balancing wheels that require tape weights and have impressed the owners of show cars with the ability to place them behind the spokes. We have found that entry level General Service technicians are making the correct choices on which type of weight to install due to the balancer choosing the correct choice for the wheel. No more "Its Aluminum so Use Yellow" syndrome.

The Optimizer option has found several out-of-round tires and rims and has made customers for life due to our ability to solve problems other shops were only guessing at.

The John Bean Visualiner alignment system was difficult for my technicians in the beginning due to the additional measurements it runs compared to what we’re used to. Once we learned what they were and what they mean it has improved our business. Alignments are faster, the tire diameter measurement and "Wheel Wiggle" check have saved us from an embarrassing situation and found us even more work to sell.

Quick example: we installed a new set of tires on a vehicle and then took it for our standard alignment check on the alignment rack. During the rollback procedure, the aligner identified an odd-size tire on the vehicle. This obviously did not make sense as we had just installed four new tires. Research proved the aligner was correct and that we had installed four new tires with the same size stickers, but one had been mislabeled. This saved us from embarrassment with the customer and also from the cost of correcting the situation, had the tire been driven on.

Thank you for your honesty during the negotiations and the additional research you provided us both on your equipment and the competition. Not many sales people are willing to show the competitors strength along with their weaknesses."

Neil Wakefield
President - Wakefield Enterprises Inc.

"Courtesy Toyota of Brandon purchased their first John Bean aligner, a V9, in 1989 from Snap-on Equipment’s ESS Jim Denney. In January of 2002 they installed a new V3D2 and it has been producing for them ever since. As of May 1st, 2008 their unit has completed 20,667 alignments and is still going strong. At their price of $69.95 per alignment this equates to $1,445,656 in alignment-only revenue.

John Adams, Shop Foreman, is a Master Technician for Toyota and Kia. John is a 2-time Trouble Shooting winner for the entire U.S. and has been with the company for 12 years. John really likes the support Jim Denney has provided and FST James Beard’s service capabilities. He particularly likes James’ fast response time for service, which is critical as Courtesy is open 6 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Jack Mathews, Fixed Operations Director, owns 2 other John Bean V3D Aligners. He states, ’John Bean is the only kind of aligners we have. The equipment is great, but the service and support is even better’."

Courtesy Toyota of Brandon
Tampa, FL. 33619

"As a past Automotive Instructor at the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith Arkansas (where we used V3D Imaging Aligners and John Bean Scissor Alignment Lifts), and as the owner of Turner Transmission in Van Buren, Arkansas, where we use John Bean 4-post service lifts, I would like to say that I always use Snap-on Equipment. For Safety, Service and Reliability there is none better. I have been a happy Snap-on Equipment customer for over 20 years. I have always got the best from Sales, Service and Support.

When it comes to Quality it has to be Snap-on Equipment! Keep up the good work."

Danny Turner

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